Zomato advancing towards Aerial Food Delivery

Zomato, an Indian restaurant search and discovery service is rapidly going uphill as it connects to more and more users every day. Founded in 2008, the company operates in 24 countries at the moment, and has revenues reaching new heights every year.

The company is focusing on faster delivery as it aims to gain more popularity and eliminate competition with Swiggy, FoodPanda and Uber Eats. The company is working towards Aerial Food Delivery and efficiently replacing delivery staffs with drones. The multinational giant successfully tested its first drone delivery system on June 12th advancing towards their goal. This comes soon after they acquired a Lucknow based startup TechEagle which is a drone oriented company.

“The only possible way to reduce the average 30 minutes to 15 minutes is to take the aerial route. Roads are not efficient for very fast deliveries. We have been working towards building sustainable and safe delivery technology and with our first successful test, food delivery by drones is no longer just a pipe dream,” Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato, said in a statement.

Despite the legal issues for flying drones in civilian areas, switching from vehicles to drones will be beneficial mostly for the metropolitan cities as it will reduce both traffic and pollution. We hope for the success of this new initiative.

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