The beginning of the Technological War

Despite the US ban, the Chinese telecom giant Huawei is winning the race of the 5th generation (5G) as it gained 46 commercial 5G contracts from 30 countries.

After the US president issued a ban warning that Huawei systems could be manipulated by Beijing to spy on other countries and disrupt critical communications, this announcement was made by the company on Thursday. The concerns of national security of a number of countries has risen as the company goes forth to become the world leader in telecom networking equipment and one of the top smart phone manufacturers.

Although, countries like Australia and New Zealand have blocked Huawei’s supply of 5G mobile networks, the Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the action taken by the US government is the beginning of a technological war in the global market.

Google also claims the ban will bring loss for the company as well the countries national security. The company requests an exemption from the ban since the security of its existing users who use Huawei’s services is at risk.

As an outcome of the technological war, US hardware and software companies lost access to the second largest smartphone maker in the world and Huawei has lowered its smartphone manufacturing rates by a large amount fearing ignorance due to the absence of US-originated technology.

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