An Entire village in MP cooks from Solar Energy

The central Government of India and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has initiated a joint project to work towards harvesting solar energy in the villages of India.

Using solar cook tops, made by the students of IIT Bombay and funded by the central government, today all the 75 households in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul village is relying on solar powered stove to meet their cooking needs.

Keeping in mind the climate change and increasing global warming, the conversion to solar power is one of the most crucial steps towards a pollution free environment.

The initiative has successfully changed lives of these villagers, “We don’t have to go to forests and spend time collecting woods for fire anymore. Utensils and walls don’t get blackened now. Food also gets cooked on time. It saves a lot of effort and time,” ANI quotes a resident of the village.

This environment friendly project can be of great importance for the coming generation and it has set an example to be followed by not only other villages but towns and cities as well.

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