We need a ban on tobacco

Just like the liquor ban in Bihar, a ban on tobacco has become extremely important. Surprisingly in latest Lok Sabha elections 2019, none of the parties took up this issue with the citizens. In fact, the winning party also remained silent with this issue.

This World No Tobacco Day lets discuss the various causalities that are faced by the common man of our country due to the consumption of tobacco.

Easily available and cheap to purchase, tobacco is an addiction in our society. If you are a regular commuter of autos and rickshaws then you must have seen the drivers chewing something and spitting out of their vehicles frequently.

Call it a bad habit or addiction, tobacco consumption has become two-way trouble for all of us. We took a survey in several hospitals and dental clinics and the results were shocking. The hospital authorities told us that they attend almost 5 to 7 patients of mouth cancer and tumour daily. The second shocking result was that 3to4 cancer patients belonged to the community of daily wagers and auto drivers, rickshaw pullers.

With this data, you would have understood the critical situation of our country.

Smoking is still the biggest avertable basis of cancer. Dissimilar to any other product, tobacco kills up to two-thirds of long-term users and harms many others. Those who are avid readers must know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called the global tobacco epidemic ‘one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced’.

The damage that tobacco causes, to health and wealth, is becoming increasingly obvious in some of the countries with poor literacy and weak employment.

Interestingly, the statutory warning printed hardly serves any purpose because no one cares about it.

It is important for you to understand that tobacco devastates lives and puts additional strain on already under-resourced health services of our state. Sharing knowledge of how to reduce the devastating loss caused by smoking and lending support in the fight against tobacco is vital.

Taxing tobacco can save lives

We Indians always go for cost-effective solutions therefore as a human tendency, raising the tax on tobacco products will help to reduce consumption of tobacco up to an extent. In a middle income like ours, an increase in tax will allow fewer adult smokers and a lesser death rate.

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